STILL A SKEPTIC ?–One Man’s After Death Communication

Rebecca [name changed] has been a loyal employee for quite a few years.  She has had many personal paranormal experiences which leave no doubt in her mind that the soul survives physical death.

Her husband, Bill [name changed] is much less certain. He's a regular kind of guy and rather dismayed by his wife's descriptions of seeing her deceased father and other "ghosts".  He has been known to laugh at her suggestions that these are real spiritual entities.

The other night Rebecca and her 11/2 year old daughter were napping. Their daughter had the flu and the family was having other issues related to her Aunt [father's sister].

Bill walked into the room in which they were napping and "saw" his deceased father-in-law standing over Rebecca and her daughter.  He never acknowledged Bill and just stood there.  Bill could easily describe the clothes he was wearing.

Later he had to admit to Rebecca what had occurred.  She informed her husband that he had described the clothes that her father had been buried in.

Bill is still trying to digest the experience.  He does not want to discuss it further with anyone.

Cognitive dissonance is a term which may apply.  It can be extremely traumatic when an experience contradicts someones basic metaphysical view of reality . 

A fundamental truth regarding the nature of reality suddenly changes.  Some people are open to this change.  Many are frightened by any discussion of life after death.  Some may go so far as to deny to themselves the reality of their experience altogether.

Rebecca has no doubts whatsoever.   As per our last discussion, she hopes Bill will "come around" very soon.  She seems to have had the last laugh.

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