THE PRESENT MOMENT # 2 — Our Greatest Healer

This posting takes the present moment concept and expands upon it.

Not only is the present moment our greatest teacher, it is the source of our healing.

In our culture's obsession for multitasking we find ourselves not even experiencing the full content of our senses.  We feel the need to eat and read, eat and talk,  view a beautiful sunset or a patch of clouds  and text message someone about something else.  We dilute the experiences, the joy of living, by not being fully present in the moment.

Most suffering arises from our mind's incessant obsession with both the past and the future.  We worry about what someone said or did to us.  We cannot forgive others or ourselves over mistakes made or failures.  Likewise we worry constantly about our futures and those of our loved ones.

Worry offers us little.   There is no doubt that we can learn much from our past mistakes.   It is foolish to ignore the lessons of the past or the challenges of the future.  We need to acknowledge them, make plans and then LET THEM GO. 

 The problem is that WE SUFFER IN THE PRESENT MOMENT for that which has already occurred in the past or that which may never occur in the future.

By taking time out to be in the present moment both past and future are suspended.  Meditate on the breath.  Feel your body and mind relax as you let go of all thoughts and feelings.  When you find that your mind has wandered into a field of worry and distress, gently back away and return to the simple experience of breathing.  Techniques vary.  What is important is the act of doing it.

There will be nearly immediate improvement.  The reason is quite simple.  In that moment of meditation suffering ceases. In bringing focus to the simple act of breathing, the mind and body begin to heal.

We should become aware that nothing of substance has changed in our lives.  Our "history" is the same.  Our circumstances haven't changed.  Our futures remain uncertain.  

We should become aware that what determines our state of happiness or despair, of distress or healing is the content of our minds.   It is the place where we exist.  And we can choose to change that content  through a simple act of meditation.

Even when we leave that state of being present and our thoughts and feelings return to surround us, to torment us, recall that moment of serenity.  Remember being at peace.  Recall that we can return there at will.

The present moment is our greatest healer. Being aware of this truth is essential as well.

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