I am revisiting this topic that I wrote on in September of last year because it returned to me in that semi-awake state we all experience in which some truths rise to the level of awareness.

Of course it assumes that there is a soul.  This is the spiritual element of our human nature.  My own acceptance of the soul as reality is derived not from religious teachings but from the experiences of those I have described previously.

There is no other way to explain these highly credible experiences.

When I asked about the distinction between the soul  and mind  to a highly talented medium his response (after some time of meditation) was  the soul manifests and observes, the mind creates and reacts.

I still find this to be a fascinating distinction.  The immortal soul manifests in us.  It's exact nature is certainly debatable, and probably unknowable.  It likely "merges" to some extent with our physical brains to create the mind we live in.  But essentially the soul is the witness of all what the mind creates.

This is similar to the Vipassana / Insight meditation of Buddhism which asks us to "witness" our thoughts and feelings and come to the awareness that "we" are not them.

It is the method for achieving the nonattachment perspective which allows us to heal through our dark, painful emotions.

So we are therefore assuming the perspective of our soul–the witness of our minds.  It is a way of relieving suffering.

Our minds are clearly the playing field upon which we exist.  Our minds create our perceptions based upon how it reacts to circumstance.  All is perception.  All changes from moment to moment.

Training and gaining some degree of control of our minds is the goal of meditation.

By understanding the distinction between mind and soul we may gain some sense of serenity in the midst of chaos.  By realizing we ARE a soul we can witness our minds asthe emotional rollercoaster we often experience as reality.

The content of our minds is where we live.  But it is helpful to come to realize that it is a creation itself.   Our goal should be to reach the level of awareness in which can actively participate and mold that creation.  And more importantly, how we react to it. 

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