WOODY ALLEN & THE SEARCH FOR MEANING–“You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger”

I have always been an enormous fan of Woody Allen's films.  I believe I've seen nearly all of the forty he has produced, directed or acted in.

Even when they're not great I find them worthy of discussion because  Allen is a natural seeker.   His metaphysical journey is clearly or paramount importance in his life.  It seems, however, that it has only led him to pessimism and despair.

This is clear from a recent NY Times interview regarding his film "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" which deals with an elderly woman who seeks psychic advise.

To paraphrase Allen, fortune tellers, fortune cookies, and organized religion are all the same–sad and meaningless attempts to make sense of life.  As the film begins with the narrator repeating bits of Shakespeare's Macbeth—life is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

As a natural skeptic I was 100% in Allen's camp–until I opened myself up to the experiences of sane and reasonable individuals who have had personal spiritual/paranormal experiences.

I have described some in my book META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH as well as on this blog.

In an almost whistful manner, Allen concludes that those of us who can delude ourselves into believing are better off.  But to him this remains pure delusion.

But what if there IS evidence for something more? 

Perhaps in a legal sense, the accumulation of convincing evidence from credible witnesses can lead to a reasonable judgment–there is continuity of consciousness after death.  There is a deeper meaning to what appears to be random chaos and suffering.

Although we may not comprehend the big picture–this metaphysical perspective should give us some real reason to reject the blatant pessimism of Woody Allen.

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