A NDE — The Elderly Woman of Light

I saw Samantha (name changed) in my office today and immediately recalled her report of a near-death experience several years ago.  It was amazingly powerful but somehow I neglected to include it in my book.  It is worth reporting here.

Samantha mentioned driving on a foggy road when she lost control of her car.  It began to spin in what seemed to be slow circles.  Her next memory was traveling in a dark tunnel towards a light.  As she came closer to she saw an elderly woman who emanated light.  She did not know who she was but she was somehow vaguely familiar to her.  The woman radiated love towards her and she continued to approach her despite recalling that she had two young children at home.  As she got closer the woman smiled, shook her head and motioned for her to stop her journey.

She awoke in an ICU with multiple bone fractures but clearly alive. Her father was near by and she soon related the events of her experience.  She described the elderly woman as well.  Her father became pale then reached deep inside his wallet and showed Samantha a picture.  She immediately recognized it as the elderly woman.

Shaking he said, " I can't believe this happened.  This woman is your biologic grandmother who died before you were born.  The woman you believe is your grandmother is a step-grandmother.

Samantha was shocked but deeply moved.  Shortly after she recovered she recalled another strange event which had occurred several years before.  She had driven a girl friend to have a Tarot card reading.  She did not want one herself but the reader looked at her and said, "someday you will have a car accident and your grandmother  in spirit will save you."

She thought the woman was totally wrong, particularly because she believed her grandmother was still alive.

Later it all made sense.

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