DECEMBER 25th — Happy Birthday– To Sol ?

Come on now.  Enough Christian-bashing you say.  But seriously I am not into bashing any particular religion, only stimulating intellectual interest into the nature and evolution of ALL religions.

They are, in truth, human interpretations of some higher reality.  That is something I do believe in. But my belief is based on evidence not faith.  (see my book and other blog postings)

If I had time and space I could easily demonstrate the historical evolution (ie change) in ALL religions. It is not a matter of opinion but of fact.

Historically the Roman Empire established the worship of the Sun god Sol Invictus in 274 AD by Emperor Aurelian.  His birthday was December 25th which makes perfect sense since it is just after the winter solstice when it became evident to one and all that the days were getting longer, indicating that light was returning once again to the world.

Emperor Constantine who adopted Christianity and essentially established as the religion of the realm adopted the date of December 25th but Christianaized it.  It was to be known as the birthday of Jesus.

Now there is debate among theologians as to whether or not this is so.  Some claim that the early Christians were martyred because they defied pagan beliefs.  Probably so. But religion and politics have always been linked.  Why wouldn't Constantine meld the beliefs and practices of his pagan subjects with his desire to unify the empire behind his newly embraced religion?

Likewise the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday was easily transferred to the Christian Sabbath, Sunday.  This was clearly a nod to Sol Invictus and his followers.

So please enjoy the day. It should be a time of family and friends.  God knows we all need more peace in the world.

Happy birthday to Sol, to Jesus and to everyone else who celebrates this day.

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