Do you have a "dysfunctional" family?  Are there members of your family who just don't get along?  Welcome to the human condition. Personally I have not suffered from an extreme form of the above.  But most people I know, most patients I speak to have at least one family member that they just don't seem to connect with.

Individuals will often take note of the amazing incompatibility that exists among family members  "we have the same parents, we grew up in the same home/environment.  How come we see the world so differently?  Why is she/he such a bitch/asshole etc. etc.?"

The situation is so common that it would lead us to believe that there is a deeper metaphysical meaning which we need to understand.

Psychics/mediums describe the reality of reincarnation.  This comes from many who were raised in traditional Western religions which denied the veracity of reincarnation.  Still, their higher level of awareness draws them to firmly believe that we live many lives, we return to this physical existence with the same souls we lived with in prior lives, and we return to "work out" are differences between us.

Families are supposed to offer us challenges.  We must realize that our true selves are spiritual beings having this fascinating, frustrating and totally exasperating physical experience.

Personal interactions, healing differences, accepting differences and recognizing that love is the over riding consideration should encourage us to seek peace among family whenever possible.

We incarnate together for a reason.  Personality and opinion clashes are part of the work we are here to do.  Failure to reconcile with family members will only guarantee future lifetimes together–and more fun!

It is for this reason that I encourage family members to reconcile their differences if at all possible. This is not always possible.  I fully recognize that truth.  But perhaps remembering the quote, "what you do to me is your karma, how I react is mine" will help us all get through it.

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