MEDITATION & HEALING — A Possible Mechanism

Meditation is universally recommended for calming the mind and improving a variety of physical ills.  It is interesting to speculate on a mechanism for  how this might actually work.

The relationship, the interconnection of mind and body is irrefutable.  Likewise our thoughts and feelings are completely linked as well.

Every thought has an emotional component.  This component may be so negligible as to be ignored at times.  For example viewing the Weather Channel and finding a report of pleasant weather may produce an immediate thought and then feeling which is either pleasant or at least neutral.

But what if you are planning to travel by air the next day and the weather report indicates terrible weather.  The immediate awareness, the thought that you might have difficulties or delays ahead leads instantaneously to an uncomfortable feeling.  This may be perceived as a feeling of nervousness, palpitations, sweating, head or backache or even GI distress.  The immediate bodily response  is truly astounding.

Meditation attempts  to allow the content of our mind, the thoughts that flit across the stage of our consciousness, to be examined with less emotional response.  We may still recognize the emotional response but feel less "attached" to it. Those trained in mindfulness meditation place themselves in the position of the "witness" of these thoughts and subsequent feelings.

From this position there is a de-linking of thought and feeling to the extent of having a reduced physical reaction to them.

This is not the same as attempting to deny or sublimate these feelings.  They are experienced but from the perspective of the true Self.  This Self is the essential being who is meditating  The Self is clearly subject to thoughts and emotions but recognizes on a deep level that they are interpretations of the mind. 

Travel plans may or may not be effected by weather in the future.  But the individual is suffering NOW because of the content of their mind's interpretation.

Meditation may allow the observing self to recognize the possible need to alter plans based on the information.  But by de-linking thought and feeling, allow the process to unfold without the physical manifestations of worrying.

Now no one said any of this is easy.  We are programmed to be thinking/feeling beings.  But it may very well assist us in de-linking our "dis-ease" from subsequent disease.

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