THE EMPATHIC LISTENER–Beware of the Karma Buster

Is there healing value is listening to the suffering of others?  Certainly if the sufferer feels the need to share their pain.  But this requires the listener to be truly present in that moment. 

There should be no distractions.  Close and quiet attention to what the sufferer has to say is necessary.  Advise may or may not be what is desired.  That remains to be determined by who is talking.

It may be obvious, but women seem more likely to open up about their problems then men.  Men often regard emotional pain as a sign of "weakness" of not being masculine enough to suffer in silence.

The empathic listener is a caring, compassionate and powerfully healing friend.  This listener may find themselves emotionally drained but paradoxically spiritually elevated by participating in this good deed.

But be  very wary of schadenfreude the German term which indicates pleasure derived from the suffering of others.  That is a sure path towards dissipating whatever positive karma has been derived.

It is all to easy to let this occur.  Be vigilant of it and do what is helpful and healing to all concerned.

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