FAT? It Is Still All About Calories

The N Y Times Book review December 27, 2010 refers to one by Gary Taubes on Why We Get Fat http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/28/health/28zuger.html?ref=scienc

It again raises the question of high versus low fat diets, high versus low carbs. 

Unquestionably insulin is a hormone secreted when carbohydrates are ingested.  Insulin plays a crucial role in fat metabolism and deposition.  We do get fat when we eat too many carbs.

But this argument only confuses the basic physiology of weight gain and loss.  It still comes back to calories.  When more are consumed then burned, fat deposits grow.  When the opposite occurs, we lose fat and weight.

It is a mistake to play games with ingesting high protein, high fat diets with the illusion that ketosis is somehow desirable and fat is dissolved.  This is a pathological physiological state and should never be voluntary sought out.

And certainly this does not discount genetic variability as it comes to metabolism and body configuration.

But to ignore the simple wisdom of the body is to risk becoming both over and under weight.

Moderation in intake and exercise seems the most reasonable approach to me and many others.

 Let's not make it more complicated than it need be.


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