Want to instigate and near riot in the hall of science? Suggest that the paranormal / psychic may actually exist.

Recently a prestigious psychology journal actually published data to suggest that psychic phenomena is real. The N Y Times reported this in January 5th article by Benedict Carey.

Its fascinating to read the robust responses from scientists who feel compelled to question the results of these experiments in powerfully emotional terms.

The basic foundation of their scientific belief system has been shaken to its core and they are fuming.  Strange.  Where is the scientific dispassionate approach to research now?

I have always believed that an open minded investigation of psychic/paranormal/medium experiences is necessary.  Some of Gary Schwartz's work on the validity of medium readings under controlled conditions adds a scientific credibility to the subject.

My own personal exploration of the topic has offered me evidence that can only lead to one conclusion–there is survival of consciousness after death.  If this does not rise to the level of "scientific" proof then so be it.  It is the best explanation for the phenomena.

I have always found it interesting that scientists can seriously study autistic savants with extraordinary mental abilities to do math, art or music.  Though they cannot explain how they do what they do, they believe the phenomenon to be real.

Yet the same approach is NOT applied to psychics and mediums.  Who is to say their mental abilities, though unexplainable in present scientific terms,  may not be one day understood as well.

So let's watch this scenario play itself out.  It will be interesting to say the least.

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