Therapy is often hailed as the necessary prerequisite for emotional healing.  A recent article by Dr. Richard Friedman in the NY Times addresses its role in the overall process.

The old Woody Allen joke was that he had been undergoing therapy for decades.  Clearly the value of knowing why you are suffering doesn't hurt but certainly doesn't guarantee healing.

The bottom line regarding our emotional state of being is more related to our attitudes about our lives, our interpretation of life's events than the actual events.

It may ultimately be our choice regarding how we look at our lives.This is known as refraiming. Pessimists seem to only see the negative events in their lives while dismissing  or ignoring any positive elements.  Optimists do the opposite.

Who is better off?  Optimists do tend to be healthier physically as well as mentally.  Their immune systems function better. They live longer.

So knowing why we are in distress may be valuable.  Its what we do with that knowledge that will or will not heal us.

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