ADDENDUM to Eulogy Post — Post Achille Lauro Exchange with Senator Lautenberg–October 1985

The following anecdote was part of the original eulogy but I have placed it under separate heading because of space constraints.

For those too young to remember there was a hijacking of an Italian tourist vessel, the Achille Lauro in October 1985 by Palestinian terrorists.  During that 50 to 60 hour period my parents were separated.  My Mother remained on the ship with other friends and relatives, My Father and others were off the ship touring the Pyramids.  Sadly, Leon Klinghoffer, wheel-chair bound, having suffered several strokes was cruelly and inhumanly pushed over board to his death. 

The following took place at Newark Airport upon the return of the survivors including my parents.  Senator Frank Lautenberg was present for an easy "photo op".  The similarities between my father and Lautenberg were striking.  Both were tall, distinguished looking, gray haired Jewish men named Frank.  What followed was the basis for the Eulogy comments.  I overheard the following as the two men shook hands.  My Dad spoke:

Senator Lautenberg, I have a bone to pick with you.  When President Regan went to a Nazi SS officer cemetery in Vitburg, Germany and laid a wreath there, I was so outraged that I sent you a letter and threatened to return my Purple Heart.   And you sent me back a form letter.!!

As I commented to the attendees at the funeral.  I would bet that was the first and last time that Lautenberg was speechless.

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