“TRANCE” EATING — Not Being Present, The Ultimate Diet Buster

A personal observation–I sometimes find myself eating in a "trance-like" state.  This usually occurs at my office or surgicenter in between patients or cases when I have time and no patience to just sit and be still.  This is known as "noshing".

This constant need to "do something" rather than be quiet and in the moment leads me to grab at some cashews or potato chips or pretzels.  Although I don't eat a large quantity at each time, there is no reason to do what I do.   I am clearly not hungry at that moment.  I realized that I am in some altered state of consciousness, and it isn't good.

The answer will require some act of will.  I must think before I enter familiar territory and remind myself that I will be aware of each moment.  I will hopefully stop myself before entering this altered state in which automatic actions based on habitual behavior takes over.

Be present, be aware and be careful.  It may be the best diet advice ever.

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