LIFE AFTER DEATH — Healing a Mourning Heart– A Message From Frank

Before he passed my father offered to give me a sign if there was continuity of consciousness after death.  I may have received that sign in the form of a medium's reading.

Those of you who know my blog are aware of my book MetaPhysician on Call for Better Health  Praeger 2007 which outlines my personal metaphysical journey from skeptic to believer.  My own transformation was not based on faith or religious  doctrine.  Rather is was a consequence of the personal experiences of individuals I knew to be both honest and credible.

The other source of evidence came from the reports of mediums and their subjects.  Some of my own experience with mediums was suggestive of communication.  But my recent reading by Lynn Milano of Metuchen NJ was astounding.

Gary Schartz PhD has studied mediums under controlled conditions and demonstrated scientific results highly suggestive of their abilities.  But as he has noted, the powerful nature of these experiences is in the details of specific readings. Only those who have received these readings can validate their authenticity.

When a medium brings through information that only you and the deceased could know, then we should all consider the strong possibility that survival of consciousness after death is real.

Lynn brought through my mother who, as in past readings with other mediums, explains that she was not cognitively "clear" before she passed, but became so afterwards.  My dad, on the other hand, was completely mentally aware until the very end. This information was passed along to me by Lynn as well.

Her descriptions of his personality, his gratitude for his life and his smiling, upbeat nature were spot on.  She referenced the photo of himself he was most proud of–in his army uniform from World War II surrounded by several metals and ribbons.  This was specific and certainly nothing she could have been aware of.

The reading was continuing to be tremendously powerful including the names of close relatives, friends who had passed on and a description of my sister's  "yappy" dog which was completely the way Frank regarded it.

The most powerful confirmation occurred when I asked her if he was "showing her anything about himself, physically".  I was curious as to whether Frank would comment on his disability and thereby offer more evidence of his continued existence.

He had been shot through the left leg/knee on a battlefield in Nancy, France during WWII.  As a result of multiple surgical procedures he could never bend his left knee afterwards.  Throughout my life he walked with a limp.

Lynn closed her eyes, took a deep breath.  She then opened them and stated quite plainly "his left knee, he's talking about his left knee".

I was completely take aback by this comment.  It was exactly the confirmation that I was seeking.  There is no way Lynn could have know this fact, this detail about Frank.

Does this type of experience contribute to the healing process? Clearly it does.  But it also lends credence to the strong belief that "life after death" is real.

But does that belief change our lives in any way? 

I suggest that it does.  More in upcoming blogs.

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  1. Steve- I am,and have long been a believer. In my case, after my dad Nat died, I began to find pennies on the ground- often when I would be thinking about him-or seemingly when he needed to send me a “message”. I knew about this “phenomena, pennies from heaven” for many years- but it was only after his passing did they start showing up. For all we know, Frank & Nat are having a good laugh!! Ronnie Krowne

  2. Steve…what can I say? WOW! I’m at a loss for words. And as you know it’s almost impossible for me to be ‘without words’ I’m so glad you remembered all that information.Lynn

  3. Steve, This morning I saw Lynn’s FB post about your blog. I read it with much interest since I’ve known Lynn for many years. Through similar experiences to yours with Lynn and on my own, I have no doubts, there is life after (physical death). As Abraham says it “There is no ‘death’…you are always alive and alive.”

  4. I recently went to see Lynn. I needed to know if my mom was ok. She recently passed away and everything happened so fast. She told me some details about what my mom went through the week that she was passing that only I would know. She told me things that my mother said that we were discussing since her death and they were spot on. I am so glad I went to see Lynn.

  5. I have visited with Lynn several times and I always leave with happy tears in my eyes and a smile in my heart! Her information is detailed and accurate. Can’t help but feel peace and reassurance knowing that our loved ones who have passed are watching over us each and every day. Thank you Lynn – your work is amazing!!

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