LIVING LIFE IN THE MIDDLE LANE — Common Sense & Exercise

Ahah.  Finally scientific evidence to support what most of us have always known–moderation in life.  It makes the most sense and may contribute to a longer healthier life.

Excessive exercise was shown to lead to cardiac fibrosis, scar tissue and possible arrhythmias.  The article in the NYTimes by Gretchen Reynolds supports the notion that excessive anything, even a "good" thing just doesn't make any sense.

We know exercise is a good thing–from muscle conditioning, cardiovascular toning, weight control,  memory and mentation–but too many of us seem obsessively devoted to pushing ourselves beyond what feels right.   

I do believe in exercise, but not when it hurts and I've observed too many runners in Central Park who seem to be in pain.


So let's bring back moderation–in all things.  From eating, to alcohol consumption to sex and finally to exercise.

Fanaticism just doesn't work in any aspect of life.

Now we have science behind those of us who are not masochists about exercise.

Enjoy life.  It doesn't have to be painful.

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