METAPHYSICAL QUOTES– The Death Series — # 1

The following series of quotes are based on my fascination with the great metaphysical questions of all–the nature of reality.  What is life?  What is death?  I would challenge those individuals who fear exploring such topics, for it is this precisely the fear of death which empowers it.    I do not consider discussions of death depressing or frightening. Death is the consequence of being born and there are some who would declare that life is the source of struggle and suffering, whereas death is the ultimate release.

My hope is that when we individually and as a society begin to face the reality of death and dying we will also discuss the issues of end of life care, honoring the dying process, providing relief of suffering.  This should be our goal.  Instead we find individuals subjected toendless procedures and and insistence on maintaining life without quality any attention to its quality.

Of all the wonders I yet have heard 

It seems to me most strange that man should fear

Seeing that death, a necessary end

Will come when it will come—-   Wm Shakespeare– Julius Caesar

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