METAPHYSICAL QUOTES — The Death Series — # 3

 The following are from the Kabbalistic tradition.  The first two from Hasidic masters, the last from the Zohar, the major Kabbalistic text.


Death is merely moving from one home to another.  If we are wise, we will make the latter the more beautiful home– Hasidic master


Why should I  not rejoice seeing that I am about to leave this world below, and enter into the higher world of eternity? –Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk


For we have learned that at the hour of a man's departure from this world, his father and relatives gather round him, and he sees them and recognizes them and likewise all with whom he associated in this world and they accompany his soul to the place where it is to abide– Zohar **

** This concept of "death bed visitation" is well known to researchers in the field (see At The Hour of Death, – Osis and Haradlsoon, 1997)  as well as to Hospice nurses.  In fact they will often alert the family prior to death to this phenomenon.

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