THE 10 % — The Less Resilient Among Us

Somehow I feel compelled to acknowledge the 10 % of us who are different.  I'm referring to a rough estimation of that percentage of human beings who exhibit traits that are in the minority but deserve special consideration and attention.  The exact percentage is unknown and frankly not as important as the concept–there are a sizable number of "us" who are not particularly resilient when dealing with significant stress.

At first I was drawn to several  "minorities".  They are the post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD people.  These seem to be about the 10% of the population more prone to developing this condition after serious and profound traumas/adversities. 

Now clearly these individuals may have suffered more profound adverse events–being victims of brutality, witnessing that of loved-ones, in battle etc.  Yet resilience to severe adversity is possible and actually probable for nearly 90% of us–sometimes to the suprise of those who study such phenomena.The ability of those who overcome severe adversity to find success and serenity in life does happen.

But what about the 10% of children who don't quite "make it" on their own.  Perhaps they are the products of extreme poverty, unwanted, without a family structure.  What about the slow-learners, the ADD types, the learning disability students, the mentally and physically abused?  There is a good likelihood that they will get left behind.  They may not be attended to.  They are prone to drug addiction, criminality, suicide.

We need to pay attention.  Not only for moral and ethical reasons but for those of us less concerned about such spiritual imperatives–it will cost society much in the way of money, pain and suffering if we fail to take care of the 10%. 

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