THE SEEKER FINDS SERENITY– Response to the Medium Experience

First lose the fear. 

 I have been pleasantly surprised by the response to my last posting on my experience with Lynn Milano's reading.  Perhaps I can no longer resist the Facebook universe which helps spread these words.

I am not attempting to change anyone's belief system regarding the survival of the soul.  This has been and continues to be a crucial element in my own personal metaphysical journey.  I just seek the truth.  That's it.  If life ends at death–so be it.  I would have no problem embracing that truth.  And I would not immediately dissolve into a pool of existential angst.  I would embrace life to the extent that I do now.

But if there is evidence for continuation of consciousness after physical death–and I firmly believe there is–why not contemplate that truth?

It should relieve what remains for many the ultimate source of fear–that all loving connections dissipate when we die, that all our karmic choices in life have no ultimate meaning.

But more importantly, it should guide us towards a philosophy of living in the present.  What are our priorities?  What makes us happy? Should we not expand our capacities for empathy and compassion towards our fellow human beings?  Should we not make that personal call,  visit someone we know who is suffering, extend a hand, an arm over the shoulder, a gentle smile?  Is the pursuit of wealth and prestige a worthy undertaking? Should we not step back from the self-induced frenzy we call our lives and take a deep breath? Should we not turn off our BlackBerrys, I phones, I pads etc and experience the present moment?  Do we not realize that we cannot and never could control the universe?

Could we not do all those acts of kindess without an awareness of a spiritual universe?  Certainly.  But why not make it easier, more consoling to those who suffer?

To me this is the value of the metaphysical journey.  It can extract serenity from the midst of chaos and give solace to those who mourn.

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