ENVY– The Unnamed Monster — Addendum

There is another small but significant aspect to the envy experience.  It is time sensitive.  It latches on to  a moment in time when the fortunes of another seem greater than our own. 

Also, envy contains the belief that we are at least as deserving (if not more so) of the good fortune of another as they are.

 Rarely do we acknowledge that perhaps the events in the lives of another were the result of hard work, perseverance and talent.

Envy regards the accomplishment or reward of someone else as somehow having eternal consequences.  Certainly, someone who wins an award, has been recognized for their accomplishments, wins the lottery etc. is clearly experiencing considerable joy in the moment.

Yet a lifetime is a series of moments.  What their future holds is as uncertain for them as for us.  Success in the present moment does not always guarantee future success.  A hard fall hurts more when it comes from a high point.

So, once again, avoid envying the lives of others.  As I noted in the previous posting–a life is a package deal.  One aspect may seem remarkable and desirable, another more negative aspect may lurk just around the bend.

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