METAPHYSICAL QUOTES — The Death Series — # 5

my real job is to tell people that death does not exist.  It is very important that mankind knows this, learns not to be afraid…knows that death does not exist.  That everything in this life has a positive purpose—Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD


 The conquest of the fear of death is the recovery of life's joy.  One can experience an unconditional affirmation of life only when one has accepted death, not as contrary to life but as an aspect of life—Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth


Like last year's vegetation our human life dies down to its root and still puts forth its green blade into eternity—Henry David Thoreau


The fear of death haunts the mind of even the bravest of people…..but in fact there is not such thing as death.  So called "death" is nothing but a natural corollary of the phenomenon of birth……Actually, the individual Self, living in the body, is immortal.  I give up an old body in order to put on a new body….We fear death because, under the influence of ignorance, we have forgotten our real Selves—H.H. Shantanand Saraswati

Birth is not a beginning, death is not an end—Chuang Tzu

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