MISERY LOVES COMPANY — Live in NJ and Stay Alive

In the ultimate of ironies, living in New Jersey, if you are depressed, may actually keep you alive!

In a bizarre and disturbing article from the New York Times  by Tara Parker-Pope, it seems that countries and states with the highest degree of "happiness" also lead with the highest rates of suicide.

Apparently the contrast between the apparently joyful and the rest of humanity can actually make those on the lower end of the "happiness" quotient feel even worse about their conditions in life.

Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Sweden score high on measures of happiness and life satisfaction also have increased rates of suicide.

For us Jerseyites the results are somehow comforting.  Despite bringing up the rear on happiness quotient,  number 47 (you can thank taxes, "The Jersey Shore" and Snooki for that) we are also  47th in suicide.  Yeah!

So here's another great reason to love our state.  They should include this in future promotional material. 

 Live in Jersey and live!

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