DEATH OF BIN LADEN — Justice Without Joy

Much has been written about the response of Americans to the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  How are we to react to this event?

Certainly any reasonable human being cannot help but feel some deep satisfaction that the perpetrator of mass murder should cease to exist.

But somehow a true joy eludes me.

If killing Bin Laden would miraculously bring back all of those who died as a result of his evil, I would certainly rejoice.

Yet eliminating one maniacal murderer doesn't really solve the problem.  It still exists, perhaps will grow and watchful attention should immediately resume. We are reminded of other mass murderers, fanatic, genocidal killers–they are human like us.  We share some DNA with them.  It gives us pause to reflect on what underlies their crimes against humanity.

Much hard work, planning, espionage went in to finding and killing him.  For this I am enormously grateful.

The knowledge that others share this  philosophy of hatred, of the senseless destruction of nonbelievers tempers any feelings of joy with reality.

Granted, the temporary relief of tension and fear might explain the exuberance of youth during these celebrations of his death.

But those of us who understand the big picture are relieved but not joyful.

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