Renamed — THE WEINER SYNDROME (formerly The King David Syndrome)

On July 29, 2009 I posted a piece regarding the King David Syndrome.  It specifically referred to Sanford, Spitzer, Clinton and Patterson who were in the news at the time.  Along with John Edwards ( who is still a current item of interest) they represented some apparently newsworthy philanderers from the world of politics. 

Of course King David was their Biblical forefather.  But I confess.  I cannot resist renaming this the Weiner Syndrome.  It may be juvenile and obvious, but so fitting. 

 Another public figure risking his/their entire political career for some sexual encounter, real or virtual.  The internet appears to be a trap for those foolish enough not to understand its power. (sexting appears to be epidemic these days). 

Now a days we notice some foreign monikers–Strauss-Kahn, Schwarzenegger. The names may be different, the impulse remains unchanged.

  So once again I ponder the nature of human nature.  Once again smart, ambitious, hard-working politicians are brought low by  impulsive, sex-driven desires. 

Is it the thrill of possibly getting caught? Of gambling that they will not?  Is there a rush of adrenaline? dopamine infusing their brains? the ultimate high? 

 It is fascinating to consider that these men have often meticulously, intentionally, with great attention to detail and strategy helped create their own successful careers.  Yet with seeming reckless abandon fall victim to what is clearly a stronger impulse.

Is it conceivable that the same individual who does achieve success in the highly competitive, aggressive world of politics are the same men who are so vulnerable to what seems to be self-destructive, highly risky behavior?

We speak metaphorically of the "other head" which seems to be in control. 

 It is the one that seems to do all the "thinking" these days.

Hmmm.  I guess the "Weiner Syndrome" does fit the bill. 


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