Is that title in anyway depressing or upsetting? It shouldn't be. It reflects a metaphysical as well as physical reality. No one can heal you.

An experienced and caring physician can assist in the healing process through his/her knowledge. But ultimate healing requires an intact body with an adequate immune mechanism in place.

Likewise, emotional turmoil, illness, suffering requires an individual to tap into the depths of their own healing well. This explains the unfortunate situation in which a depressed individual, despite the most diligent attention and medical/psychiatric interventions may still choose to commit suicide.

Although I can't heal you I can be a part of the milieu that facilitates your own healing. I can be present. I can express my concern. My personal intention to help you heal is a subliminal energy which can stimulate your own internal processes. I can express my caring.

I can give you hope. I can offer you my love on various levels. I can lessen your suffering as your body / mind initiates the recuperative process. But ultimately I cannot participate in your suffering. If intention were sufficient I"m sure very few children would die of their diseases. If their parents could change places with them–many would do so. But it is not meant to be.

Some of this reflects the individual soul's karmic past and path. No other soul can take their place. We each have challenges in this physical incarnation which remain uniquely our own.

Living requires courage in the face of suffering. I will be there for yours as you will for mine. But our path will be ultimately solitary.

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