In view of the prior posting DON'T COMPARE & DON'T DESPAIR what I am talking about now?

Well, the only sense in which comparison makes sense is when it is directed towards our own metaphysical journey. We should observe our own personal quest.

We should compare were we are now in the present moment, with where we should / want to be. We need to be introspective and honest with ourselves:

1} What are our talents and interests? 2) Have we aspired to reach our fullest potential? 3) Have we tried to live by the Golden Rule–do we treat others as we would like to be treated. 4) Do we express gratitude for our lives, despite our problems and disappointments? 5) Have we expressed love and affection for other beings? 6) Are we able to choose a more optimistic approach to life even in the face of adversity? 7) Do we acknowledge the achievements and successes of others without feeling envy? 8) Have we attempted to offer compassion for the suffering of others despite our own problems? Are we too judgmental with our own failings? Do we not show generosity, forgiveness and compassion for ourselves?

In any case we need not despair over our own lack of "success" in achieving our highest destiny. We do need to learn from our failures. Adversity can be seen as a teachable moment. Failure to sustain our goals should be understood as temporary setbacks.

We need to be supportive of ourselves and continue to be our own best cheerleaders. So compare. But this is not about any other human beings on this planet. It is fine to compare ourselves in the present moment with what we could be.

That is a path towards self actualization.

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