HEAL YOUR BACK –A Lesson From A Meditative Posture

I don't recall when my back first began to bother me.  But I recently realized it was getting worse over the past few months.  I noticed it particularly when I got out of a chair.  I felt a sudden pain and soreness in my lower back which required immediate rubbing for relief.  Unfortunately the discomfort would return as I began walking.

I had started to stick pillows behind my back when I was sitting in front of my computer.  I also questioned the value of my chair, perhaps  it was the problem.

This didn't stop me from jogging or my usual activities including walking 18 holes of golf and carrying my bag over my shoulder.  But I did find myself seeking a few advils and motrins, something I was not used to doing at all. 

This situation was both annoying and unsettling–was this the ravages of age finally kicking in?

If that was the cause then perhaps acceptance was the only response.

But suddenly I feel better.  And here's what happened.

I've been doing some kundalini meditation based on Kirtan Kriya.  In doing so I realized that I must align my spine as close to vertical as possible.   From a spiritual perspective this facilitates the flow of  energy from the base chakra all the way up through the crown chakra.

 A a result I pushed my shoulders back and my head moved forward over my hips.  I found my spine curving inward toward my belly.  I was sitting more erect than in had done in many years.

I then realized that over time my posture had  gradually gotten worse. 

 Perhaps out of laziness or just lack of awareness I realize that I had been sitting with a  back bowed out.  In other words my head was not aligned over my hips and my spine was bowed backwards.

I performed the meditation with this newly acquired erect posture.  I then stood up immediately and to my surprise–no pain at all!

Well before I get too enthusiastic, let's give this some time. 

 I do believe this change in posture will go a long way towards helping my back.    I might just become more aware of this posture as I walk as well.  (just need to be careful I don't look like I have a stick up my ass)

And anyway, it does seems more anatomically and spiritually correct.

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