As far as I'm concerned, spiritual practices exist to be examined, borrowed, modified and appreciated. As a result of this attitude I have "borrowed" a meditation practice known as kirtan kryia from the Sikh religion.

What is unique about this meditation is the use of finger touching while meditating on a mantra. My source material is the book MEDITATION AS MEDICINE by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD a board certified anesthesiologist.

His version involves sitting in a appropriate position with eyes closed. The energy flows with each sound in from the top of the head and out the third-eye chakra. Sa, Ta, Na, Ma, are sounds uttered as the thumb touches each of the other fingers in order. Khalsa writes about chanting in a normal voice for two minutes, whispering for two minutes, deep and silent for three minutes. Back to the whisper for two minutes and in a normal voice for two minutes.

Most interesting is his demonstration utlizing a variety of brain scans how chanting mantras plus finger movements can alter brain blood flow patterns in health inducing pattern. ( refer to his book for in depth discussions.

My apologies to authentic practioners of Kirtan Kriya. I understand the value of the purity of their practice. But my own perspective is eclectic and sythethic. My own interest led me to combine a Kabbalistic mantra with the Sikh finger movements. Khalsa himself refers to other spiritual traditions and the value of their mantras. He specifically mentions the power of the SHALOM mediation with emphasis on the vibratory properties of the SHAAA and LOMM (like AUM).

So in my own interpretation I have begun to meditate utilizing the finger touching positions and the two syllables SHA and OM.

I touch my foreginger to my thumb ( on each hand) as a say SHAAAA. Then inhale through the Crown chakra ( KETER in Kabbalistic terms) and breath out through the third eye chakra. Then inhale again and breath out the LOMMMM the same way while touching my middle finger to my thumb. I then repeat SHAAA while touching my thumb to my ring finger and finally LOMMM while I touch my pinky finger to my thumb.

This mediation can be done standing or sitting. You can utilize a similar pattern to the Kirtan Kriya with several minutes out loud, then whispering, then silent followed by the whispering and out loud again.

I am finding this an interesting and helpful meditation with both physical, psychologic and spiritual healing benefits.

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  1. Hi Dr. Steve, I’ve also practiced the “Sa,Ta,Na,Ma” and also tried my own interpretation at times because I found the fingers gave me a little more concentration. I inhaled ‘love’, exhaled ‘peace’. I think I’ll try the ‘SHALOM’ version later. lynn milano

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