UNCLE TONY’s SHIRT — Post 9/11 ADC & Follow-up

One ot the most powerful after-death communications, ADCs I heard in my early exploration of survival of consciousness came from a nurse I referred to in my book META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH as "Joyce".

She described the devastating loss of her uncle Tony in the 9/11 catastrophe. She was only a few years younger than Tony and they were very close. He was a Port Authority cop whose body was never recovered.

Several weeks after the tragedy she had what she referred to as an incredibly clear and detailed dream. It was so real, unlike a typical dream and she recalled every sound, color and texture to this very day. The nature of the dream was a Sunday afternoon family get together. Tony looked great and happy. What was surprising to her was the brightly colored and patterned Hawaiian shirt he was wearing. Tony always dressed in a more conservative Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren style of shirt.

The next morning she spoke with her dad who was Tony's brother. She excitedly related the intensely real dream and described his shirt in detail. Her dad was suddenly silent on the other end of the line. With a shaking voice he described having recovered Tony's car. That exact shirt was in the trunk, just back from the cleaners. Tony had purchased that shirt in a recent trip to Hawaii. No one in the family had ever seen him wear it.

This was a powerful personal experience which had the necessary quality of providing knowledge through paranormal means. It was one of the core experiences that I consider "evidence" for survival of consciousness after death.

Just three days ago I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet "Joyce" again. In truth her name is Sue and she was happy to learn that I had included her experience in my book. In fact the following day she emailed me an another powerful dream experience.

This dream occurred several months after the first. Tony's body had still not been found. In this dream she is walking through a field of high grass. She could see, feel the texture, the smell of the field. She described a setting sun and other colors in great detail. She approached a magnificent tree in the center of the field. Sitting beneath its massive limbs, sitting with crossed legs was Tony. They spoke and she asked him to come back with her. He declined with a smile and seemed quite at peace. Strangely he handed her a hand gun and said, "give this to Joey" (his brother, also a cop) which she proceeded to take back with her as she turned and walked away from him.

Two weeks later Tony's hand gun was found. It was given to Joey,  who carries it with him to this day. Sue has never mentioned the dream to him.

Of note, she said, was the name "Joyce" which I believed I picked randomly was actually Tony's wife's name.

Now I'm not so sure.

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  1. Questo è stato un incontro efficace privati ​​che avevano il valore essenziale di fornire informazioni attraverso denota paranormale. E ‘stato uno degli incontri cuore che io considero “conferma” per la sopravvivenza di passare conoscenza a seguito

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