SEX / NEUROGENESIS — Not In My High School Class

Sorry nerds ( of which I was one) the greasers who were getting all the "action" were developing more neurons, not you!

If these studies in rats apply to humans–it didn't fit my high school experience at all.

Leuner, Glasper and Gould described neurogenesis in rats and its relationship to sexual encounters in their article from the Princeton University from July 2010 (how did I miss this one?)

A follow-up study from Hong Kong this year described adult human neurogenesis as a consequence of physical exercise and sex.  I wonder if the sex has to be more "athletic" in order to promote brain development?

In any case, my own high school experience did not confirm these studies.

If so the entire class ranking would have been reversed. 

 My nerd friends and I would have scraping the bottom of the barrel.  My auto shop classmate Joey would have been valedictorian.

But science is an ongoing process.  We may find out that late bloomers keep developing brain cells while high school lotharios become viagra users decades later. 

I'm curious. 

Joey, shoot me an email and let me know what's "up"?

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