“He’s Pointing to His Ass. What Do I Say?”— A Medium’s Dilemma

In my ongoing quest to understand the nature of reality, the metaphysician's calling, I return time and again to the experience of having a reading by a medium. A powerful, compelling reading in which details regarding a loved-ones previous life, or some particular bit of information that only you could know comes through is spectacular evidence for survival of consciousness after death.

Skeptics continue to discount such medium experiences as "wishful thinking" or such tactics as the "cold reading" in which, they say, the medium throws out random statements until something familiar is grasped.  Then in an act of wishful thinking you  interpret it as some amazing revelation. This is nonsense. For those of us who are aware enough, intelligent enough to evaluate information in a dispassionate way, we understand what an amazing experience a good reading can be.

My interactions with a medium from NJ A.H. several years ago were quite fascinating. Meeting him privately I was afforded some insight into what it is like to BE a medium. A reading, from the medium's perspective, is challenging on many levels. Many books written by mediums explain the process. It involves putting themselves into a meditative state, "raising" their intuitive energy levels, connecting with spirit and finally interpreting what images, sounds, sensations they receive. At times the interpretation is the most difficult.

I recently related one of A.'s  readings to someone is has never had a reading. I have changed some aspects of this story but not the essentials. A. received a frantic call from a distraught widow. Apparently her husband had just died and his wishes were to have a joyous funeral. Her grief was overwhelming and she felt unable to follow his wishes. She was advised to seek a reading with A. It might somehow help.

 He reluctantly agrees to see her that day. He described to me the image he receives. It was of a tall middle-aged man who was standing, facing him. The man turns around, lowers his pants and points with his left hand to the left cheek of his ass. Now A. is completely baffled. What does he say to the grieving widow? He asks her if her deceased husband was a practical joker?

 She looks horrified, then angrily replies, "No ! What are you talking about?" A. knows he's in trouble but can't ignore the image before his mind's eye. He tries to communicate with the soul and obtain other information. Soon the disembodied energy is repeating the image–turning around, dropping his pants and pointing to his left cheek. But now another thought comes to A., "Did your husband have a birthmark on his left buttock?"

This time the woman the woman beams through her tears, "Yes! Yes! He did! Oh my God, it's him. His soul does live on. Thank you so much. I think I can go on with this funeral and celebrate his life."

A. smiled at me. " You see how difficult this job really is.  I do communicate with souls who have crossed over. But the process is not so easy."

I offer this story to make several points.  1} Mediumship is real. I can personally vouch for A.'s honesty.  He, and others, truly communicate with discarnate entities/souls.  2} the process is imperfect.  It requires interpretation and this is an imperfect process.

But for those metaphysicians among us, those seekers of ultimate truth about the nature of reality, the experience is truly worth it.

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