VACATION 2011 — Leave the Ipad. Take Meditation

Does anyone truly go on vacation these days? 

 By that I mean, are we  really capable of escaping from the stresses of daily life by physically changing our location? 

Do we take our cell phone, I pad, laptop with us wherever we go?  Then unfortunately we are still wired, linked, connected to our sources of stress.  And whether we are sitting on a ski lift in Colorado, or a beach chair in the south of France, we are not truly on vacation.

After all, people will continue to contact us, business decisions may still be required of us.  We are still receiving news about terrorism, war, earthquakes, hurricanes, stock market debacles, financial crises in Greece etc. etc.

Technology has demolished the notion that any of us are truly "away" and cannot be reached.

It is almost impossible to believe that until a decade ago, people did escape from their daily toil……and the universe did not collapse.  The world really did go on without our personal participation.

So if physical travel is not the solution to vacations (we still need to change our physical scene and break our daily routines), how does our mind find rest?

And please take note–I did reference our mind.  Because it is truly were we reside.

 It is who we are.  It is the location of our personal heaven or hell.

The solution may just be meditation.

Meditation directs us to explore the nature of our minds.  We learn to gracefully and mindfully investigate what occurs there.  I invites us to observe what goes on, to witness our own thoughts,  with less emotional attachment than we are accustomed to.

Ordinarily every thought is accompanied by an emotion.  Whether that emotion is minimal or powerful depends on how attached we are to the thought. 

One of the goals of meditation ( I would be presumptuous to try to list them all ) is to tolerate our thoughts and feelings.  And to find some degree of tranquility and serenity in their presence.

The mindfulness approach is based upon returning to the focused attention on our breath.  When our mind wanders and attaches to a thought/emotion we recognize this fact the return our attention to the breath entering and exiting through our nostrils.

Allow our minds to be in the present moment.  If we are physically present in the beauty of nature, allow our minds to reside there as well.  Meditate on the breath and allow nature to gently carry us along with it.

This is the only way to experience a true "vacation" in our world today. So take meditation with you. 

 Don't leave home without it.



One thought on “VACATION 2011 — Leave the Ipad. Take Meditation”

  1. Vacations are very necessary for getting relief from the stressful life. I am totally agree with this post if you are using your cell phones, laptops and i pods on your vacations then it is a waste. So the best idea for relaxing your mind during vacations is Meditation. It will truly helps you to enjoy your holidays.

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