A Caveat to OccupyWallStreet – Denounce Anti-Semitism or Lose Your Soul

Economic times are bad.  And desperation is the mother of revolution.

I was a child of the sixties and understand that frustration with society (and the war which seems missing this time) needs to be heard. Taking to the streets makes the message  and social media tech allows it to stream at light speed.

But apparently the participants involved emerge with a myriad of agendas. Anarchists, communists, anti-capitalists are ready to highjack the legitimate concerns of Americans who are out of work and reaching the boiling point. 

In a democracy they are all free to express their opinions. But when hatred of any groups rears its ugly head it must be denounced, and powerfully. 

Scapegoating of Jews as the ultimate capitalists is not new.  Hitler new it.  So do some members of the OWS contingent.  Is the Tea Party racist?  I don't know.  But members of the African American community who feel it is need to be heard.

Likewise, the blatant and documented antiJewish rhetoric documented from "some" member of the OWS crowd need to be rejected.  And swiflty.

If not their message emerging out of a genuine frustration witht the status quo will become fatally infected.

And P.S…..it is interesting that the status quo , the Obama admistration, seems to welcome their message.  How peculiar.

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