I ‘m Alive — And So Are You– That’s A Good Place To Start

I'm not quite sure why I am drawn to the deepest most profound of metaphysical questions.  Perhaps it would be easier if I wasn't.  But for whatever reason I just need to be there.

The ultimate truth is–we are alive.  This may be a variation on Descartes' classic "I think therefore I am".  But even more basic is the notion that being alive is an invaluable gift.  It is a gift we take so much for granted that when we become aware of the deep nature of this concept, we may actually feel foolish.

To be alive is to be subject to the full range of human experience.  It is to suffer.  It is to love.  It is to have opportunity.  It is about free will.  It is about the ability to choose how we react to what happens to us.  It is the chance to share our own experiences of joy and sadness with fellow travelers on life's journey.

It is such a powerful gift that I feel we inherently fear its grand implication. Perhaps that is why we hide from it.  Instead we become entangled in the day to day annoyances, aggravations, hassles of living.  We become so engrossed in the minutia of our own personal dramas that we lose site of the big picture.

We forget to be grateful for just being alive.  We forget to measure our blessings and instead feel sorry for ourselves for our failures. We forget to observe the magnificent beauty of nature.  We take for granted the small, kind gestures of others and fixate on the few annoying ones.

We forget that being alive is the opportunity to evolve. 

It is the soul's greatest challenge and greatest gift.  We have forgotten that we have chosen to be here, in this challenging experience of being human.   It is said that as long as we are alive we have not completed our learning here. 

So when all else seems to be falling apart around us, just recall that as long as we are alive there is hope for evolution and healing.  Take a deep breath and join the flow.


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