A bright young woman I'll call Rose who has been working in my surgicenter shared her own personal spiritual story with me. 

 It involves four generations of women in her family.  Her mother who is deceased, herself, her daughter and her granddaughter.

She described her mother as a life-long heavy smoker.  In fact she was rarely seen without a cigarette in her hand. It ultimately contributed to her death.  When Rose's daughter was giving birth to her daughter, she smelled cigarette smoke in the delivery room.  Of course she knew it could not actually be happening.  She immediately thought of her mother and felt her presence.

Months later she visited medium Lynn Milano with her sister who was struggling with her own bereavement.  They each had separate private readings.  Lynn began by describing a scene from the TV shore Laverne and Shirley.  "Wait, she's showing me the skirt with the big letter 'S'.  Was her name Shirley?"  Of course Rose confirmed that it was indeed her mother's name.  Then Lynn immediately identified their mother as a heavy smoker.  She then told Rose something even more remarkable:

"Remember when you smelled smoke in the delivery room?" Lynn asked.  "Your mom is telling me that she was there!"

Rose had no doubt about the reality of her own ADC but to hear this message from someone else, granted a talented medium, was even better. 

Her sister, Rose noted,  received an entirely different reading but one which supplied the confirmation she needed of her mother's continued existence on the spiritual plane.

Both sister's received what they needed to hear.

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