It  is intereting to look back at our life's most difficult times and realize that we survived them. 

 This is not always possible for the young for the obvious reason that their  lifetime has been relatively short.  It is for this reason that young people often do not do so well with emotional traumas. Suicide rates are horrifically high.  Every insult, loss, defeat is catastrophic for them.  They have no long term reference.  They don't realize that they can actually survive advesity and go on with their lives.

For those of us who have survived difficult times (and that includes all of us) we often look back through the cloud of time and memory and wonder how we actually did it.

And yet we know that we did.  Perhaps we possessed some kind of emotional survival mechanism.  But, of course, this is never a perfect defense.  Traumas do linger with us all.  Some are deeply suppressed, others live with on as posttraumatic distress syndrome victims.

But it is instructive to periodically recall that we did survive.  We don't need to relive the suffering to know the truth.  When new adversity arises we need to recall that we did make it through. 

That awareness can be quite healing in and of itself.

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