SURVIVAL WEEKEND– The Metaphysics of Life

We are all familiar with the term survival weekend

 We can visualize a TV series with a group of individuals stranded on a deserted island with bare necessities, tremendous fear and a limited amount of time to overcome whatever adversity comes their way.  In the end there is some notion of a "winner".

Well what if all our individual lives were seen through the perspective of eternity?  A life that lasts 9 days or 99 years might seem essentially the same.

What if we are all operating off some sort of script, even if much of what we do is improvisational, based on free will choices ? Would the term survival weekend be that far off the mark?

My own readings and dealings with psychic/mediums have led me to believe that each and everyone of us alive today are engaged in our personal version of survival weekend.

We arrive with little but the skin on our back and a hopefully benevolent benefactor in the form of our parents and family.  For some individuals even this bare necessity is lacking.  The rest is a challenge.

Of course it is not all about overcoming suffering. There are the low hanging fruit of beauty, kindness and sensual pleasures to sustain us.  But in every life there is tragedy, disappointment, humiliation and unhappiness.

From the perspective of multiple lifetimes we can view our lives as a chapter in a long process of soul evolution.  We can even make peace with the difficult times.  When we come to appreciate that this lifetime, or any one lifetime for that matter, is not "all there is" we can accept suffering with equanimity.

We are here for a fixed amount of time.  We will need to form alliances to survive.  Even these relationships can be regarded as a part of this journey.  At the end some of us will be considered to be "winners" while other may appear to be the opposite.  Perhaps this is all an illusion.

Michael Newton and others who do past-life regression write about karmic choices our souls make prior to incarnation.  Caroline Myss speaks of "soul contracts".  In one particular life we may have been so obsessively connected with a particular soulmate that in the next lifetime we may not even meet them.

The result may appear to be life of loneliness or solitude.  In a prior life we may have been obsessively preoccupied with material possessions, ego gratification, cutthroat competitivenss and deceit.  Perhaps we chose the opposite experience in this lifetime to learn humility and compassion for others.

This may be difficult for many to accept.  We know our present suffering.  We don't know about past lives.  This is also not an excuse for blaming those who suffer as somehow deserving of it based on karmic forces.

Just perhaps the unfortunate individual you encounter is your opportunity to correct your own karmic debt.  So don't feel so self-important is your suffering pales in comparison to others.  Your karmic responsibility may be even greater than theirs. You are in a position to help. 

Failure to share what you have, to show empathy and compassion to those less fortunate  may be a part of your script on this survival weekend.

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