TWIN VISITATIONS — Confirming a Dream A D C

Confirmed skeptics will usually dismiss an individual's claim of a dream related ADC (after-death communication) as some sort of wishful illusion. They persist in discounting such experiences despite the fact that the individual will with great certitude and conviction deny that these experiences are typical of their usual dreams.

What is characteristic of dream ADCs is the intensity of their visual content.  The details of encounters with a deceased loved one are so real and palpable that when the patient awakens they "know" that this was a true encounter.  As opposed to most dreams the individual involved will continue to recall each detail of the dream for years.

A recent discussion with one of my patients introduced an additional element of validity to the dream ADC.  John Donohue (name changed) is a 69 year old gentlemen who related the following story:  

  My brother Joe and I were always very close.  After he died in a car accident my entire family was devastated.  Joe would periodically visit me in my dreams and tell me he was in a good place.  These were so realistic that I came to believe that these were real visits from him.  I told no one about them.  One night Joe came to me and stated, 'this will be my last visit, John'  I'll be moving on to Heaven.  You don't need these anymore.'   The next morning I met my Mother for breakfast.  She blurted out.  'Joe came to me in my dreams last night.  He said he won't be coming to visit me because he's moving on to Heaven.'  We both shared tears of joy.  I never dreamt of him again.

The confirmation of these ADCs among various individuals is not unheard of.  When it occurs it certainly confounds the skeptics who have difficulty explaining them away.  I can assure the reader with great certainty that no same  individual fabricates stories about their deceased loved-ones. 

These are authentic experiences, ADCs and add evidence to the proposition that consciousness survives physical death. 


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