The following are two ADCs (after death communication) or ("visits from heaven").  They are poignant and powerful bits of evidence for survival of consciousness after death.

The most recent was told to me by a young woman who works in my surgicenter.  She had been particularly stressed lately due to a variety of personal problems.  Major decisions had to be made involving her own life, there were also medical problems in the family and she was still mourning her mother's death.

The following morning after a particularly resetless night, she jumped into her car and turned on the radio.  Her mother's favorite song was playing.  Even more remarkable, she told me, was that the radio was tuned to an AM station.  She only listens to FM stations and no one had access to her car overnight.

She had no doubt that this was a message from her mom.  She immediately felt at ease and was able to put aside much of what was disturbing her.  She felt her mom was giving her a sign that everything would be OK.

It was a healing experience for her.

This was similar to another experience I had heard of from a patient of mine several years ago.  His case was even more remarkable and dramatic. 

He described how his deceased mother appeared to him and held a conversation with him.  He was going through a horrific personal crisis involving the use of drugs and was severely depressed.  He was alo estranged from his only sister.  The message from his mother was to try to turn his life around and to contact his sister.  He asked his mother for a sign that would convince his sister that this "meeting" had actually occurred.  She would automatically assume it was some drug induced hallucination. 

His mother asked him to tune into the radio after she was gone.  He did so and heard the old Helen Reddy song "You and Me Against the World".

He did call his sister who was immediately dismissive of him.  He proceeded anyway to explain his visitation, including the song that had played on the radio.  His sister was literally in shock.  "Don't you know what that song means?", she asked.  Her voice was quivering.  He admitted that he did not.  "That was the song that mom and dad always sang together when they were at my house".

My patient subsequently straightened out this life.  He and his sister eventually reconciled.

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