THE MEDIUM EXPERIENCE– Real or Not ? —You Decide

A recent conversation with a nurse I have known for nearly thirty years offers some more insight into the medium experience.

Ultimately we would all like to know if mediums connect with the consciousness/soul of our departed loved-ones.

As will become evident I am forced to use the nurse's true name (she's OK with that).  During her reading her sister came through to her satisfaction. (Ultimately, it is the person being read by the medium who must evaluate the experience.)

Soon her father came through. He was identified by the illness which took his life–heavy smoking, emphysema, lung cancer. 

The medium then asks whether the nurse has had a recent Pap smear.  The answer was "no" because she had had a total hysterectomy.  "Do you still have a cervix?" the medium asked.  "No" the nurse replied. Obviously this was a rather strange message from her father, but health issues can and do come through.

"I'm a bit baffled" the medium stated. "Your father insists on giving me the word Pap.  I really not sure what's going on."

It suddenly hit the nurse.  "Oh my God." she said.  "That's my Dad's last name, Papp

"Ah" the medium said. "Sorry. But at least I get it now!"

So.  Back to the first question.  Is the medium experience real? Do mediums connect with the dead?  Seems so to me. But they often must interpret what information they get from departed souls.  The messages are rarely clear cut– an image in their mind's eye, a whispered name, a song that they are familiar with.  A medium will tell you that the spirit world uses their memory bank of images to make connections.

Could it be that the medium is actually reading your mind?  That theory known as super psi has never been validated.  The argument against that is that they can provide you with information that you don't know—at all. Here's an example.

A close friend had a reading recently.  Among all the validations provided (more than 95%) details about his family and life from a total stranger, came the name of two women who helped his mother-in-law "cross over".

The names, Shirley and Bess (for argument's sake) were completely unknown to my friend.  When he got home he discussed his reading with his wife.  She was completely blown away.  Shirley and Bess were two of her mother's closest aunts who had died years ago.  Of course my friend would not know who they were.  They were not a part of his memory bank.

Other such examples are well known as well as predictive messages which describe some future events that occur.  A nurse I know (Mary) went to a reading after having been divorced from her husband (Joe).  One medium told her that she would eventually get back together with him.  She laughed.  It was not even the realm of possibility for her.  The following year she had a reading with a totally different medium.  Again it was mentioned that she would re-marry her ex.  Now the odds of re-marrying an ex after a divorce is not very high. (can't give statistics).  Both mediums went out on a limb in such cases.

Three years later Mary and Joe did get back together.  Mary swears she was not influenced by her readings.  They had matured.  They were now ready to make the marriage work.

Do mediums really connect with the spirit world.  Only you can decide.

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