“GO EAT YOURSELF” — Exercise & Healing

Who knew? 

Eating yourself on a cellular level, known as autophagy, is good for you.

In a recent NYTimes science article by Gretchen Reynolds http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/01/exercise-as-housecleaning-for-the-body/?ref=science  evidence is presented demonstrating the mechanism by which exercise leads to health and longevity.

Essentially the physiologic stress of exercise (please work up a sweat) causes our cells to increase their mechanism for removing cellular debris.  This, in turn, increases the functional capacity of all our cells leading to optimal activity, and a reduced risk for cancer and degenerative diseases.

So now we can add another reason to exercise to an already well-documented list which includes: weight control,  cardiovascular and pulmonary strength, immune function, neurogenesis, emotional calm–longevity with better quality of life.

Of course there can be too much of anything.  Please be reminded that nothing pleases an orthopedist more than to watch marathon runners–future business.

Moderation, common sense, balance but robust effort leads to physical and emotional healing.  And what about spiritual healing?  Of course.  Caring for the "temple" of our soul is part of our mission as well.

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