This is a rather convoluted story but hopefully it will resonate with some of you.

A synchronicity is defined as a "meaningful coincidence".  Carl Jung was impressed by the significance of such "meaningful coincidences" which implied some deeper purpose or reason for their coming to be.  When we find meaning in coincidences we should not reject them as pure chance.  Perhaps there are reasons for their occurrence.  Perhaps our awareness of their coming together brings deeper meaning to our lives. Perhaps they offer us lessons to be learned.  At the very least they are compelling and interesting if not entertaining.  So begins the following story.

My medium friend Lynn Milano told me of a recent reading she had done in which a woman I'll call Joan connected with an old and dear friend who had passed on.   After supplying her with some personal details which only Joan could validate, Lynn described an image in her mind's eye which was quite unusual–an enormous elephant.

She reluctantly mentioned this image to her Joan who smiled broadly.   She completely understood.  She told Lynn that she and her friend had grown  up in a small town in Canada and that there had been a statue of large elephant there.

This immediately rang some deep, fragmentary memory of mine.  I thought that a massive elephant named Jumbo had died in a small town and a huge replica had been built in its memory.

I googled Jumbo and sure enough the information was fascinating.  Indeed a circus elephant named Jumbo had been hit by a train and died in the small town of St. Thomas in Ontario Canada.  The story was that the name Jumbo was a combination of two Swahili words and that subsequently the word jumbo entered the English language.  P.T. Barnum has spent 1o thousand dollars for the elephant who died in 1885.   In 1985 and enormous replica of Jumbo was unveiled in the small town.

I needed to confirm whether Joan had lived in this small town of St. Thomas.  I asked Lynn to try to contact her to confirm all of this.

Lynn called me back.  Indeed Joan and her friend had grown up in St. Thomas.  The statue was a perfect validation that Lynn had connected with her friend.  When Lynn explained who I was and why I was interested, Joan immediately revealed that I had performed a colonoscopy on her only two days before.

She had been unaware of my interest in spirituality and the paranormal.

When she returns to my office for follow up, we will have more to speak about than her procedure.

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  1. Steve, only you can come up with such fascinating stories. And the way you weaved your story with the title, A “Jumbo Synchronicity,” is just great. After reading it I had a very satysfyiyng smile on my face and I felt so good all over.

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