A MEDIUM’S READING PREDICTS N D E– My Patient’s Experience

The following personal experience from one of my patients I'll call Jeanette exhibits two separate but related paranormal experiences. The first was an inadvertent reading by a medium who predicted a subsequent NDE.

In order to give it some meaningful context it I need to relate it as I heard it from her.

Jeanette described driving alone on a wet highway on a moonless night.  Going around a curve she lost control of the car.  It seemed to spin slowly and then she experienced heading down a dark tunnel towards a woman of light.

The woman was not elderly and looked familiar to her, like her aunt, but she knew she did not really know who she was.  She had a white dress and white hat on and was beaming love towards her.  Although she knew she had two young children at home, Jeanette could not help but be attracted to this woman . As Jeanette approached closer, she turned away from her.  She knew she could come no closer. Jeanette felt herself retreating from the woman and awoke in pain in the ICU.

She had suffered multiple bone fractures but was alive.  Her father hovered over her.  Although in pain she felt compelled to describe her experience to him.  Jeanette was young and had never heard of a near-death experience.  She described the woman precisely as she saw her.

Her father was breathless.  With trembling fingers he reached deep within his valet and pulled out an old black and white photo.  "Yes, that's the woman I saw", Jeanette exclaimed.

Her father shook his head.  "I can't believe what you're saying.  This is a picture of your real grandmother who died before you where born. She was buried in a white dress and wore a white hat.  The woman you call Grandma is a step grandmother.  We never thought to tell you."

After she recovered Jeanette was suddenly shaken by a memory of an event which had occurred two or three years before.  Her girlfriend had asked her to drive her to have a psychic//medium reading.  Jeanette had no interest in having her own reading but the medium looked her in the eyes, grabbed her hands and said, "You have a grandmother in spirit who will save you from a car accident."  Jeanette laughed and told her that both her grandmothers were still alive.  The medium said, "honey, someone isn't tell you the truth".

Jeanette walked away from the experience with more skepticism than ever.  "Boy, did she blow that one", Jeanette stated.

Only after her own NDE did she recall that quick but powerful reading from the woman who accurately predicted what would occur

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