I must begin the discussion of ADCs (after-death communications) with the usual caveat and statement. 

This experience comes first hand from reliable witnesses.  I personally know this couple  for over 25 years.  This satisfies the credibility quotient  I have written about previously.  The reliability and honesty of any experience is only as as valid and valuable as the individuals involved.

I will paraphrase the story.   Mrs. Goldman was an elderly woman, a Holocaust survivor who developed dementia late in life.  She died in Hospice at a nearby hospital.  Before her death her children gave her a picture of her favorite jewelry box, one she had for many decades.  They kept the real box in her home.

After she passed away her daughter-in-law diligently searched "every inch" of her home for it.  It was missing.  All the contents of the house were put in boxes to be sold off at a garage sale.  Many individuals went through the contents of the boxes.  No jewelry box could be found. 

Finally her son David removed mezzuzahs (Jewish prayers wrapped in small metal containers and placed on doorposts) from the home.  It was completely empty and David silently spoke with his mother.  This was no longer to be their home.  David also asked his mother to pray for David's grandson in Israel recently diagnosed with leukemia.

For some reason David took a last quick look into the empty living room.  To his shock the jewelry box was sitting alone in the middle of  the empty floor.

He photographed it.  

There is no rational explanation for its sudden appearance.  It is simply and profoundly a physical manifestation of a missing personal object.  It is an after death communication from his deceased mother

End of story.


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