A Blue Dress With Flowers– A Child’s ADC

I continue to have the privilege of hearing the personal experiences of individuals I know and trust.

Each anecdote requires a testimony to the credibility of the story teller. In this case the individual involved is a 70 year old woman patient of mine I'll call Mary. I have known her for at least 15 years. I have no reason to doubt what she told me.

Her daughter Amanda died from complications of cancer several years ago. She was in her early forties. Amanda's friend Jane would often bring her young daughter Sally to visit Amanda's grave site. Although Amanda died when Sally was only five months old, Sally seemed to spend time dancing around her grave site and speaking to someone.

When Jane asked her what she was doing she replied "I'm speaking to Mandy". Jane continued to probe her daughter by asking what she was wearing. "She's dancing with me. She is barefoot and is wearing a blue dress with flowers."

Jane explained that Mandy was her daughter's nickname. She was well known to have chosen to be barefoot whenever possible. Most incredible was the fact that she was buried is exactly that dress. There was no way Sally could know that either.

Mary smiled as she told me the story. "You can never get over the loss of a child" she stated. "But knowing her soul is free and out of suffering gives me much joy."

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