ISRAELI & TURKISH “BROTHERS” — The Human Connection

So have you heard the one about how the Israeli mountain climber saved a Turkish mountain climber?

No this is not a joke. It happened and it should be headline news everywhere and for one important reason. It is about one human being helping another irrespective of religion, national origin and politics. Of course it isn't as dramatic as showing conflict and rage. But it is beautiful and uplifting and offers hope in a world darkened by hate.

In short the 24 year old Israeli Nadav Ben-Yehuda was climbing Mount Everest on route to be the youngest Israeli to do so when he spotted the still body of Aydin Irmak, 46 his Turkish-American "friend" from base camp. "When we friend Aydin there was no question," Nadav said.

They had recently met there and felt an instant connection. Ben-Yehuda abandoned his run on the summit and immediately lifted his "friend" on his shoulders and carried him for eight hours down the mountain to base camp IV without gloves and oxygen in minus 40 degree temperatures.

To quote Irmak "I don't care what the hell is going on between the two countries. I don't care about that. I talked to his family today and I told them you have another family in Turkey and America."

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