Whether we refer to them as ADCs (after-death communications) or "visits from heaven" they are communicationsfrom souls who have crossed-over. So what do I mean by an "assisted ADC?" ( call it an AADC ?). It is essentially any communication which requires a medium to accomplish the connection.

 By creating this new concept I am de-emphasizing the mode of communication (direct personal vs medium) and focusing in on the existential essence of it. What is demonstrated is the continuation of consciousness after physical death. To me, that is what is ultimately important anyway.

More specifically I am relating the personal story from a long-standing patient I'll call Sally. Sally lost her husband Jim suddenly and unexpectedly. While desperately hoping for a personal connection with him after death, she found none.

She describes placing his favorite fishing boots outside her door in with the fantasy that he would return for them.

Meanwhile a psychic friend from England who had never met Jim began to email her messages from him. She described them as being remarkably accurate and extremely personal, reflecting conversations that only she and Jim could have known about.

Finally Sally decided to give Jim's fishing boots away to one of his friends. That night an email from her British friend stated that Jim said she should give away his fishing boots that were at her door!

The field of paranormal investigations have always differentiated the spontaneous communications versus the medium-assisted ones. I don't believe that the distinction is all that important. It is the message and the reality of the communication from our deceased loved-ones should be most profoundly significantly understood and cherished.

So whether the connection occurs via an ADC or an AADC is less relevant than the healing power of either one.

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