DEBUNKING THE PARANORMAL ?– Nothing New & Still Wrong

I was the skeptic who would debunk reports of the paranormal.  That is until I truly looked into the phenomena and spoke face to face with those who experienced it first hand.  The result of my research I published in  META-PHYSICIAN ON CALL FOR BETTER HEALTH as well as this blog site.  Psychology Today in their latest edition August 2012 devotes its cover story by Matthew Hutson  to the Sixth Sense.  It endeavors to find scientific explanations for a variety of phenomenon. 

 There is no question that human beings seek to find patterns to explain life experiences and that we are certainly capable of fabricating connections or "agents" (spiritual beings) that do not exist.  It is also possible to forget something and then experience it again as deja-vu.  But the article also explores several other areas that I am very familiar with, the NDE (near death experiences) and ADC ("after death communications"/" visits from heaven") and medium experiences and attempts to explain them away as well. 

Here the author resorts to traditional skeptic's arguments against the validity of each.  Once again they fail to examine the phenomena as they truly are.  I cannot examine each of these topics in this short posting.  But I suggest that those readers who remain open- minded should explore them further. 

 But in brief–NDE cannot be explained away as caused by lack of oxygen to the brain.  Quite simply when the brain is deprived of oxygen or is exposed to any abnormal accumulation of chemicals, the perceived memories are fragmentary, distorted or nonexistent at best.  Read reports of NDE.  They are incredibly coherent and the details of the experience never fade.  They also result in life altering transformations for those who have had them.  I have reported on such from this blog site. They also are perceived as being intensely real–more so than any dream, hallucination, or even daily perception.  They also reveal information that could not be known by normal cognition.  Does this seem like a false experience, an oxygen deprived hallucination? Hardly. 

 ADCs and medium experiences can only be truly appreciated by someone directly, or if that individual has a high credibility quotient (CQ).  In other words if you speak directly to someone you know and trust and observe their emotional reaction, you can be quite sure that there is there is truth behind the experience. 

 Anyone who has been had a reading by a talented medium can attest to the experience.  The information that they obtain is impossible for them to know.   When Lynn Milano offered me my deceased father's statement regarding his "left knee" I KNEW she was in communication with him. (He had been wounded in World War II in exactly that spot and subsequently walked with a stiff left leg).  There was no way she could know that information.  That is just one of countless examples.  Those of us who have experienced such readings are not naive. We are not reading into vague, generic statements.

So once again, the skeptics are unable to debunk these highly exceptional experiences.  But don't let anyone else attempt to convince you of this–do your own homework.  For those of you who are seekers of truth, metaphysicians, the process has already begun.

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  1. Excellent! I had read that article and was looking for it to send to an NDE researcher who is also like yourself, a physician. Instead I found your blog. I have been investigating and publishing on deathbed visions for sometime now. Like most paranormal situations the accounts are consistent from experiencer to experiencer. I’m posting your article.

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