After-death communications (ADCs) imply two controversial but metaphysically paramount concepts–1) there is survival of consciousness after physical death, 2) communication between this discarnate consciousness and living beings is possible. 

Coming from what was a strong skeptical /atheistic belief system I believe that the evidence supports both contentions. 

The following is a simple but profound example of an ADC via the sensation of smell.  This is not unusual in the world of ADCs but not the only kind. It involves someone I know and respect.  This topic of credibility is necessary in discussing paranormal activity.  Is the individual believable?  Do they have any motive for making it up?  In almost every case involving a personal connection/friend/acquaintance the answer is a profound NO.  On the contrary, ordinary individuals are reluctant to discuss such experiences with anyone.  The fear of appearing naive or foolish often trumps the desire to share a profound personal transformative experience. (as with NDEs). 

So in brief Dr X is a retired anesthesiologist, a practicing Buddhist originally from Thailand.  He had  previously described a personal experience in which he was visiting his dying brother there.  He had sat by his bedside for quite a while, then took a walk with his niece (the brother's daughter) outside. While walking and speaking of the brother the daughter received a call on her cell phone.  It was her father's number.  She showed it to her uncle.  They were both shocked knowing that he was in a deep coma and that her uncle Dr X was carrying his phone.  Simultaneously Dr X smelled incense.  He asked his niece if she smelled it.  She did not. They quickly returned to the hospital room to discover that the brother had died while they were out walking. 

Just recently Dr X was playing golf with another anesthesiologist who I work with on a daily basis.  Dr X began to sniff the air.  He asked if the other fellow smelled incense.  He did not.  Dr X recalled the prior time he smelled it.  Later that night Dr X received a call from Thailand.  One of his cousins  whom he had been close with had died.  Most interesting is the cultural connection with incense and death. 

This sign had enormous meaning to Dr X.   These experiences are not unique.  When they occur they bring a sense of a connection with transcends death.

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